Bryan New Wins Eastern Open #1 On Kissimmee Chain

Byran New, a Bryan thrift prodigy, won the first Bassmaster Eastern Open of 20202 on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes in “Thrift” fashion. New “junk fished” his way utilizing everything from a crankbait fished on offshore hydrilla to a topwater fished around lily pads.

With the weather being hot in Florida for January, and a full moon passing recently, you would have thought that every bass in the 5 lakes of the Kissimmee Chain were up shallow on beds.

However, as the 225 angler fiend descended on the 5 lakes of the Kissimmee Chain, the bass were simply “not up yet.”

It was a tournament where most anglers could pick their poison of what they wanted to do. If you like to fish offshore, then you could have done that. While others stayed in the shallow vegetation with heavy line.

Bryan new did a little bit of both to claim $52,500 over the 3 days of the tournament.