Bryan Thrift Wins FLW Cup on Hamilton

Bryan Thrift, known as one of the best bass fisherman in the world, finally did it. After many years of placing in the top 10 in the FLW Cup, Thrift takes home the victory and $300,000 in cash.

Thrift won in Thrift fashion by junk fishing his way to the top. Using a variety of lures from topwaters to crankbaits to catch 15 bass over the competition tallying 38-07lbs.

Winning the Cup is not something Thrift needed to do to prove his greatness. That he’s one of the best ever was already an agreed-upon fact by just about everyone. Winning the Cup just added more separation between him and so many others. At 40 years old, in addition to being a world champion, Thrift is a two-time FLW Tour Angler of the Year, a seven-time Tour-level winner, holds a slew of FLW records and has now earned more than $3 million in his FLW career.

Thrift Final Day