Hank Cherry Dominates 2020 Bassmaster Classic

The Bassmaster Classic came with a Cherry on top this year! 

Hank Cherry, from North Carolina, weighed in a 3 day total of 65lbs 5oz to win the 2020 Bassmaster Classic as well as $300,000 on Lake Guntersville in Alabama.

Cherry led on the first day of the Bassmaster Classic with the biggest bag of the entire event, 29lbs 3oz. He was able to maintain his lead after the second day and then came in with 19lbs and 8 oz on the third day to win by nearly 7lbs. 

Cherry’s Lures of Choice

Cherry utilized a number of lures to get the job done but he weighed in about half of the fish he caught on a jerkbait, a lure that Cherry is known for.

Cherry caught most of his fish on the Browns Creek Causeway within sight of the takeoff ramp.

The stretch of riprap is no secret to both locals and tournament fisherman around the world and may even be considered one of the most popular places on the entire lake. However, many others anglers thought that with how much grass was in Guntersville, the tournament would be won out of grass.

Todd Auten, a South Carolina native, got 2nd in the Classic and won $50,000 for his efforts.

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