How To Rig A Chatterbait To Catch More Bass

Learning how to rig a chatterbait properly is important so that you can maximize your fish catching while you are fishing. Once you learn how to rig a chatterbait you’ll be able to catch bass on it year-round and in many different situations.

A Chatterbait is one of the most effective tools a bass fisherman can use to catch bass. One of the best things about a chatterbait, is it will catch A LOT of bass and it catches BIG bass. It also can be used throughout the entire year. This factor alone makes it one of the best lures on the market.

Tying on a Chatterbait

The first step in rigging a chatterbait is simply tying it on. There’s a handful of different knots that you can tie that all work very well. 

Some are simple and some are complex! The most important thing to remember, when tying on a chatterbait, is wetting your line with water or spit right before cinch it down. 

If you don’t wet your line before you cinch it down, it will create friction. This will actually burn your line causing it to weaken, so make sure your line is moist!

Trimming Your Skirt (Optional)

Most of the time when fishing a chatterbait, you will not need to trim the skirt at all. However, there are few exceptions when trimming your chatterbait skirt can lead to more fishing catching.

When fishing a lake or pond that tends to have smaller fish in it, under 2 pounds, trimming your chatterbait skirt will make it more compact. This will help smaller fish eat the lure better leading to more fish catching.

Another time when trimming a chatterbait skirt can be important is on a heavily pressured body of water. By trimming the skirt your chatterbait will displace less water making it more subtle to fish.

Fishing some subtle lures in pressured water is sometimes the best way to get more bites!

Rigging Chatterbait Trailers

There are a lot of different types of chatterbait trailers out on the market. However you can honestly use almost any type of plastic as a chatterbait trailer. 

One of the most important things to know about choosing a chatterbait trailer is that you don’t need to have any action in your trailer. You don’t have to use a swimbait with a boot tail because a chatterbait is designed to wobble/wiggle/vibrate a lot.

With that being said you could put a straight tailed worm on a chatterbait and it is going to have a lot of action because of the vibration of the actual chatterbait.

The other important thing to know is that the bulkier your chatterbait trailer is, the more it henders the vibration of the chatterbait. This may sound like a bad thing, but sometimes dumbing down the action of a bait can entice more bass to strike, depending on the situation.

Either way, no matter what trailer you chose, simply thread the piece of plastic up the shank of the hook and add a drop of superglue to keep that trailer in place for longer.

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Use these bass fishing tips to catch more bass the next time you go fishing!