Seth Feider Dominates AOY Championship on St. Clair

While much of the fishing world was watching a tight AOY race on Lake St Clair, Seth Feider had an absolute dominant performance by winning the event by over 6lbs.

The reason that this performance was so impressive was simply because this was a smallmouth fishery. Most “smallmouth” tournaments are typically won by just a few pounds, if not ounces. Seth Feider looked as if he was fishing a different lake judging by the fish he was catching.

Even with other competitors close by, no angler could really come close to consistently catching the quality bass that Seth Feider was able to at will.

According to Seth, he had found a large flat with some small rock piles that was holding the quality smallmouth. He was able to run a crankbait through the giant school of fish and trigger the biggest bass.

Feider also used a drop shot to catch a number of fish throughout the tournament, but the crankbait was simply getting the better than average fish.